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About Börjesson Handskar

The four seasons and different lifestyles for Börjesson gloves, mittens and hats

Börjessons products are usable in all seasons!

The use of our leather gloves, knitted mittens and hats occur already during early fall during for example countryside walks or cold mornings on the way to work. 

We have our own design and development of gloves, hats, mittens and scarfs.

We develop design and function within our different product categories. We are focused both in giving our clients a wide and interesting range of products, keeping in mind both the best quality and affordable prices, as well as having the ambition to meet the demands of the most demanding costumer who wants to combine past experiences with new trends and needs. We will continue preserving our traditional assortment and combined with having an innovative philosofy in our product development. 

Welcome to the new and traditional Börjesson Handskar!

In all started in 1899 when Bengt Börjesson started his tannery in Bjästa. In 1925 his two sons started to make gloves out of the leather. Together they laid for Swedens biggest glove factory.

Ordering the catalogue - Gloves, hats, mittens, scarfs and australian leather hats

Here you can order the catalogue for 2013 or preorder the 2014 catalogue. Send your request to: info@borjesson.nu

We also have the catalogue in PDF format which you can download here. You will need Adobe Reader to be able to open it.

pdf icon Leather gloves Brochure 2014 PDF

pdf icon Leather Hat Brochure 2014 PDF

pdf icon Knitwear Brochure 2014 PDF

pdf icon Sports Gloves and Children accessories 2014 PDF


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